UPDATE – RusHydro plans early 2009 rehab tenders for 10,000-MW Volga-Kama

Russian hydropower utility JSC RusHydro is expected to seek bids in the second quarter of 2009 for turbine-generators and switchgear for rehabilitation of hydropower plants of the 10,000-MW Volga-Kama hydropower cascade.

With 6.3 billion rubles (US$176.8 million) in funding from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), RusHydro plans to pre-qualify companies to supply goods and services.

RusHydro issued notice in February updating a 2006 notice issued under its previous name, HydroOGK. (HNN 7/20/07) It indicated procurement would be conducted through December 2012. (HNN 2/26/09) The utility subsequently announced that tendering is expected to begin in second quarter 2009.

RusHydro plans to procure:
o Supply and replacement of turbine-generator equipment of the 458-MW Kamskaya, 1,360-MW Saratovskaya, 2,541-MW Volzhskaya, 2,300-MW Zhigulevskaya projects, and the JSC Cascade of Verkhnevolzhskiye HPPs (VV) including the 346.4-MW Rybinskaya and 110-MW Uglichskaya hydro plants; and
o Reconstruction of outdoor switchgear at Volzhskaya and 1,020-MW Votkinskaya.

The notice said pre-qualification for the work is to be carried out under EBRD guidelines. RusHydro previously issued specific pre-qualification invitations for Kamskaya (HNN 4/30/08), Saratovskaya (HNN 12/11/08), Volzhskaya (HNN 5/13/08), Zhigulevskaya (HNN 8/11/08), and Rybinskaya. (HNN 5/22/08) It awarded a turbine replacement contract for Uglichskaya in 2007. (HNN 4/24/07)

Those seeking additional information were invited to contact Nikitin Alexey, Head, Repairing, Organizing and Supervision Department, Re-equipment and Reconstruction Technologies, OJS RusHydro, (7) 495-2253232; Fax: (7) 495-2253737; E-mail: nikitinAV@gidroogk.ru.

Firms deliver turbine parts to 458-MW Kamskaya

Russian equipment supplier Energomashexport Corp. LLC said it recently completed shipment of turbine parts for the rehabilitation of two units of the 458-MW Kamskaya project.

Energomashexport said it and the Ukraine’s Kharkovturboengineering LLC delivered the first and second sets of equipment for modernization of Units 17 and 23, which total 26 MW each. The parts included mechanisms and bronze cartridges for pins of blades.

Most recent tendering for Kamskaya was pre-qualification for replacement of three Kaplan turbines, Units 9, 10, and 22. (HNN 4/30/08)


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