U.S. awards $4 million for generator work at 185.3-MW Fort Peck

The Corps of Engineers awarded a $4 million contract to Voith Siemens Hydro Power Generation to rewind a generator at the 185.3-MW Fort Peck powerhouse on the Missouri River near Glasgow, Mont.

The contract calls for Voith Siemens to design, manufacture, install, test, and commission a rehabilitated rotor, stator coils, and core laminations for Generator 2, one of Fort Peck’s five generators. (HNN 4/2/07)

The unit is an air-cooled, vertical generator manufactured by Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Co. The unit was put into service in 1948 and rewound in 1978, the Corps said.

In a solicitation for proposals, the Corps estimated the cost of the work would range from $1 million to $2.5 million. The actual amount of the award totaled $3,999,780. The contract, awarded Sept. 26, 2007, requires Voith Siemens to complete the work within 420 days.

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