U.S. awards $5.3 million runner contract for 154.4-MW J.F. Carr

The Bureau of Reclamation awarded a $5.3 million contract March 27 to VA Tech Hydro USA Corp. to replace runners of two 85-MW turbines at the 154.4-MW J.F. Carr power plant in Shasta County, Calif.

The contractor, headquartered in Charlotte, N.C., was selected in a call for proposals that closed in December. (HNN 11/10/06)

VA Tech Hydro USA is to design, build, and deliver two stainless steel runners, each 11 feet in diameter. It also will build and deliver other key parts, and pay for the services of an engineer.

The contract provides an option for the contractor to inspect the turbines to determine if wicket gates need replacement or refurbishment. If replacement is indicated, VA Tech Hydro will deliver and install new gates. If refurbishment is possible, the gates will be removed and refurbished.

The entire program is to take two years to complete. About a year will be needed to disassemble each unit, install the new turbine runner, and inspect the wicket gates. The first of the two units is tentatively scheduled to be disassembled beginning in September 2009; and it is to be returned to service by August 2010. The second unit will be disassembled starting in September 2010, and will be back in service by August 2011.

BuRec Commissioner Robert Johnson said the replacement of the runners is a key element in ensuring the critical hydropower production of the federal Central Valley Project. The units at J.F. Carr began commercial operation in 1963. J.F. Carr is one of 11 power plants in the 1,844-MW Central Valley Project.

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