U.S. awards $90 million contract for architect-engineering

The Corps of Engineers awarded a contract that could be worth $90 million over five years to an Atlanta, Ga., company to provide architect-engineering services across the United States.

The Corps said April 6 it chose Project Time &Cost Inc. from among four companies submitting proposals to provide architect-engineering services in support of the Corps’ Directorate of Expertise for Cost Engineering, based in Walla Walla.

The Corps said it has several agreements with other agencies to provide cost engineering support. However, it expects the national contract, which includes options that could bring the total value to $90 million, will help standardize cost-engineering services processes.

Additionally, the Corps said it has set aside for small business competition a separate contract valued at more than $10 million over five years. That contract, which calls for architect-engineering services for civil works, is in a negotiation process, the Corps said.

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