U.S. awards contracts for work at 810-MW Little Goose

The Corps of Engineers announced it awarded three contracts totaling nearly $10 million for work benefiting fish at 810-MW Little Goose Dam, on the lower Snake River in Washington.

The Corps awarded the largest contract, worth $3.6 million, to Harcon Inc., Spokane, Wash. The contract calls for Harcon to build a passive integrated transponder tag detection system for juvenile fish, relocate a bypass flume, and modify dewatering structures. Harcon submitted a proposal in response to a solicitation. (HNN 9/3/08)

PIT tag technology can be used with a radio frequency identification antenna to monitor fish movement.

Construction work specified by the contract is to begin Nov. 15. It is to be completed by April 15, 2009.

The Corps awarded the second contract, worth $3.2 million, to Advanced American Construction, Portland, Ore., to build spillway deflectors. The company submitted a proposal for the fish passage devices in response to a solicitation. (HNN 8/27/08)

Advanced American Construction is to build one spillway deflector and one pier extension in Spillway Bay 1, and fabricate and install a new trash boom anchor in the forebay. If time permits, the Corps said, a second spillway deflector and pier extension would be built in Spillway Bay 8. Spillway deflectors are to be built from reinforced concrete and must be anchored into the spillway.

The third contract, worth $2.06 million, also went to Advanced American Construction to manufacture and install a temporary spillway weir for the dam, in Dayton, Wash.

The weir, a fabricated structural steel component, is to be inserted vertically into existing spillway gate slots. It will allow surface flow to spill over the top of the weir for fish passage. The Corps installed a prototype at its 980-MW McNary project on the Columbia River, also in Washington. (HNN 1/9/07)

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