U.S. firm accepts hydro proposals for carbon offset program

GWS Technologies Inc., an alternative energy technology company, announced it is accepting project submissions for its carbon offset program from the renewable energy sector, including hydropower.

GWS, which also offers micro-generation product lines including solar and wind-powered products, said it plans to become an offset aggregator, an entity that serves as administrative representative for multiple carbon offset-generating projects on behalf of multiple project owners. GWS also is applying to participate as an offset aggregator on the Chicago Climate Exchange. (HNN 12/20/07)

GWS is inviting project submissions from businesses and individuals in renewable energy, agricultural, forestry, and waste management sectors. Once accepted, submissions are subject to independent third-party verification. GWS President Richard Reincke said there is no cutoff date.

�We plan to continually review proposed carbon offset projects and anticipate that we will be doing so for years to come,� Reincke said.

Projects that sequester, destroy, or displace greenhouse gas emissions are eligible and can be submitted through the company’s Internet site, www.greenwindsolar.com. Qualified project types include hydropower, wind, solar, and biofuel projects, GWS said. Energy efficiency and fuel switching programs also are eligible. Projects and programs are evaluated on the basis of carbon dioxide emissions associated with fossil-fuel based electricity.

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