U.S. handbook provides measures to protect dams

A new U.S. government handbook presents information dam owners and operators can use to develop security plans and to select measures for providing physical, cyber, and human security at dams.

The Dams Government Coordinating Council, Dams Sector Coordinating Council, and the Dams Sector-Specific Agency within the U.S. Department of Homeland Security developed the publication, �Dams Sector Protective Measures Handbook: A Guide for Owners and Operators.� (HNN 6/4/07)

The handbook is a �For Official Use Only� document and therefore is available only through the Homeland Security Information Network. HSIN is an Internet-based information-sharing network that allows sector partners to collect and disseminate information between federal, state, local agencies, and the private sector.

Access to HSIN is provided to dams sector partners, including dam owners and operators, trade associations, government agencies, and sector organizations. Homeland Security’s Office of Infrastructure Protection states all requests for access to HSIN must be emailed to: dams@dhs.gov.

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