U.S.-India panel to attack hydro market barriers

A new Advisory Panel of Experts on Hydropower Development in India convenes November 15 in New Delhi to seek solutions to market barriers to hydropower investment in India.

The US Hydropower Council for International Development said October 18 it is sponsoring the panel with support from U.S. government agencies and cooperating partners in India.

Gathering at the Taj Ambassador Hotel in New Delhi, the panel is to focus on policy issues, finance mechanisms, and technical barriers to achieving a significant addition of hydropower capacity that has been identified by the Indian government as critical.

US Hydropower noted, in 2004, the prime minister of India announced a 50,000 MW hydropower initiative, of which only 21 percent has been implemented.

“There is a shortage of 10,000 MW of electricity in India,” US Hydropower said. “Due to market barriers in place, there is minimal investment flow in India and therefore hydropower development activity is lagging.”

US Hydropower said the advisory panel is a “flexible and dynamic” group of experts in the U.S. hydro industry, U.S. government agencies, the India hydropower industry, and India central and state government agencies that can serve as a resource and network to solve India hydropower market problems.

Under supervision of US Hydropower’s India program director, Dr. V. Bakthavatsalam, and program support from the India-based International Institute for Energy Conservation, the panel is to convene periodically to address measures to encourage hydro development and investment.

For information, contact Debby Stone, Director of Trade Promotion, US Hydropower Council for International Development, 1500 K St., N.W., Suite 330, Washington, DC 20005 U.S.A.; (1) 202-408-5400; Fax: (1) 202-408-5406; E-mail: debby@us-hydropower.org; Internet: www.us-hydropower.org.

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