U.S. seeks cavitation repair at 6,809-MW Grand Coulee

The Bureau of Reclamation seeks bids to repair cavitation damage to Francis turbine runners of six units in the Third Power Plant at the 6,809-MW Grand Coulee project, on the Columbia River in Washington. Bids are due June 17.

The contractor is to repair cavitation and cracks in runners of Units G-19 through G-24, BuRec said. Units G-19 through G-21 are equipped with 820,000 horsepower turbines designed by Dominion Engineering Works Ltd. and manufactured by Willamette Iron and Steel Co. Units G-22 through G-24 are equipped with 960,000 horsepower turbines designed and manufactured by Allis-Chalmers. The turbines are been in service since the mid-1970s and have undergone several major overhauls.

A contract for repairing the first unit will be awarded from the solicitation, BuRec said. The contract also will allow the government to place an order for all future needs for cavitation repair of the units for a five-year period.

In evaluating proposals, BuRec said it would consider past performance, experience, and price. It estimates the price for the work to be between $1 million and $5 million.

A site visit is planned for 9 a.m. May 29. Because all generators are expected to be in service, the runners in need of repair will not be shown at that time, BuRec said. Participants planning to attend must call Rita Grittner at (1) 509-633-9544 at least 24 hours before the visit.

The solicitation may be obtained from the Interior Department Electronic Acquisition System – Electronic Commerce Internet site, http://ideasec.nbc.gov, by entering document No. 08SP2101700 in the �Quick Search� box.

Bids are due June 17. For information, contact Susie Kramer, Contracting Officer, Bureau of Reclamation, Pacific Northwest Regional Office, 1500 N. Curtis Road, Suite 100, Boise, ID 83706; (1) 208-378-5156; E-mail: skramer@pn.usbr.gov. Bidders must register in the Central Contractor Registration database, www.ccr.gov.

BuRec previously invited comments and qualifications for a plan to overhaul three generating units in the Third Power Plant. (HNN 4/8/08) That work would involve generators for Units 22, 23, and 24, all of which require major overhauls. BuRec has not issued a formal solicitation for the work.

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