U.S. to seek spillway modification at 1,812.8-MW Dalles

The Corps of Engineers plans to seek proposals to modify the spillway at the 1,812.8-MW Dalles Dam, on the Columbia River in Washington.

The solicitation is expected to be available about Oct. 16, seeking bids by Nov. 16.

The Corps’ Portland District seeks fabrication and installation of four 20-ton steel vortex suppression devices, two in Bay 6 and two in Bay 7. The work requires fabrication of guides and dogging brackets on the existing spillway pier concrete, a portion of which is under water.

Additionally, a gap between the existing baffle block and the spillway, in the stilling basin, is to be filled with four cubic yards of concrete. Divers will be needed to set up formwork, install rebar, and guide concrete placement.

The Corps anticipates the work will occur from Dec. 1, 2006, to March 31, 2007, at an estimated cost between $1 million and $5 million.

The solicitation (No. W9127N-06-B-0011), is to be available on the Internet at Federal Technical Data Solutions (FedTeDS), www.fedteds.gov. Prospective bidders must register with FedTeDS and on the Central Contracting Register, www.ccr.gov.

For information, contact Courtney Jones, U.S. Army Engineer District, Contracting Division, P.O. Box 2946, Portland, OR 97208-2946; (1) 503-808-4630; E-mail: courtney.l.jones@usace.army.mil.

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