Utility plans $20 million investment in New York plants

Rochester Gas &Electric Corp. announced it plans to invest more than $20 million over the next three years in its 6.5-MW Station 2 and 43.74-MW Station 5 hydroelectric plants on New York’s Genesee River.

RG&E said April 6 the investment would enable it to add a total of 9 MW of generating capacity at the two plants.

�This planned investment in our hydroelectric generating stations is a testament to our commitment to the environment and renewable sources of energy,� RG&E President Jim Laurito said. �Optimizing the output of these plants is also an important step in diversifying the fuel mix for generating electricity.�

Most of the work is planned for Station 2 at High Falls (No. 2582). Planning will begin this year to double the size and capacity of the 6.5-MW facility to about 13 MW. That work is to be completed in 2009. In addition, RG&E said it plans to rewind the existing generator in 2008 to make it more efficient, netting 1 MW of additional capacity.

RG&E also plans to rewind a generator and complete related work at Station 5 at Middle/Lower Falls (No. 2583). The work will add about 1.5 MW of generating capacity at that plant.

Additional generation at the projects will enable the company to offset generation from fossil-fuel sources. Each year, the additional generating capacity will avoid the emission of nearly 14,000 tons of carbon dioxide, 60 tons of sulfur dioxide, and 20 tons of nitrogen oxides from fossil-fuel sources, RG&E said.

RG&E has a third project on the Genesee River, 3-MW Station No. 26 (No. 2584). Earlier this year, RG&E and its sister company, New York State Electric &Gas, reported their hydro plants generated their highest amounts in 20 years and 15 years, thanks to storm-driven river volumes in 2006 and strategic plant investments. To ensure optimal performance, the Energy East Corp. subsidiaries said they would continue to invest in equipment upgrades. (HNN 1/19/07)

For information on the proposed hydro facility upgrades, contact Tom McColloch, Project Manager, RG&E, 89 East Ave., Rochester, NY 14649; (1) 585-724-8085; E-mail: tom_mccolloch@rge.com.

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