VA Tech Hydro to install matrix units at 8.98-MW Lower St. Anthony

Andritz VA Tech Hydro announced June 15 its VA Tech Hydro USA unit won a contract for its first major installation of StrafloMatrix turbine-generators in the United States, at the 8.98-MW Lower St. Anthony Falls project.

Project owner SAF Hydroelectric LLC awarded the contract for Lower St. Anthony Falls, located on the Mississippi River in Minneapolis. VA Tech Hydro said the 16 units are scheduled to come on line in late 2008.

StrafloMatrix turbine-generators can be deployed at low-head sites with existing dam or gate structures, using a factory assembled grid or �matrix� of small propeller turbine-generator units. Modular Matrix turbines can eliminate need for a powerhouse.

Hydropower owner Brookfield Power holds a partial ownership interest in SAF Hydroelectric LLC, licensee for Lower St. Anthony Falls (No. 12451). Brookfield will provide construction financing and have on-going responsibility for construction and operation of the $30 million project, SAF said. (HNN 3/12/07)

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