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As information providers to the global hydro industry, the editors here at PennWell’s Hydro Group must continually think about how our “consumers” prefer to get their information.

Those of you who have subscribed to HRW-Hydro Review Worldwide for a decade or more likely remember having to wait a pretty long period of time to receive your copy of the magazine in the postal mail. At that time, the only format we had to provide information was print.

What a difference a few years makes in advances in information delivery! Today, to deliver useful, practical information that helps professionals working in hydro-related fields do their jobs better – and in the format that is most helpful to them – we provide HRW-Hydro Review Worldwide magazine in two formats … digital or print. Each of the more than 11,000 subscribers may choose which format works best for them. And, most of you are choosing digital. With this format, not only are subscribers able to see the latest edition almost immediately upon our completion of it, but you can quickly and easily search for something specific in the issue or share specific pages with colleagues.

We also launched our news website – – nearly a decade ago, providing daily breaking news coverage of the global hydro market, available at the tips of your fingers. Today, we post several news articles each day on the site, and this news is read by hundreds of thousands of hydro professionals all over the world.

But the website features more than just news. It provides a reference for additional information, such as our Hydro Industry FAQs page and our Hydro Library, both of which can be accessed under the Home tab.

Another change we’ve made is how we provide contact information about hydro-related companies and the products and services they provide. Traditionally, the only way to get access to this list of product and service providers was through a printed directory – much like a printed “phone book.” We printed the list once a year in this magazine and, as soon as it was printed, it was out of date.

Today, the format we all use and prefer to get information about product and service suppliers is digital. Because of this, instead of printing a Suppliers Directory once a year, we now provide you access every day of the year to an up-to-date company directory. On, we have a specific section called Suppliers Directory. The URL is:

Information about the services and products offered by nearly 900 companies is provided in an easy-to-search electronic format.

Companies can log on and manage their information electronically; information can be added or changed with just a few keystrokes and then be instantly available to you. However, this information is verified by PennWell staff to ensure the data provided is accurate and useful. It’s a great tool for any hydro professional to use when looking for companies that supply a specific service or product you’re looking for. If you haven’t already bookmarked this site, take a few minutes to do it now!

In this issue

I am pleased to call your attention to four specific items in this edition of HRW-Hydro Review Worldwide:

  • World News on page 4. We have perfected (new and improved) the way we present our news coverage in the magazine. This news department is now arranged by topic, very similar to the way information is presented on
  • Global Market Outlook on page 10. Each year we take a forward-looking view on the global hydropower industry. Much of the data in this year’s report was provided by the International Hydropower Association and provides some interesting insights.
  • Featured Companies on page 22 contains profiles of more than 80 companies providing products and services to the global hydro industry.
  • The Hydro Marketplace on page 34 lists names of companies providing specific products and services, grouped in eight major categories.

Access to information … presented in the format most useful to you … is our No. 1 priority. We are constantly interested in your needs and requests. Please reach out to me any time with your comments and feedback.

Elizabeth Ingram
Managing Editor

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