Voith Siemens to equip 120-Lookout Point, 198.72-MW Folsom

Voith Siemens Hydro Power Generation announced Oct. 8 it won contracts totaling more than $26.2 million for equipment to refurbish the 120-MW Lookout Point hydroelectric project in Oregon and the 198.72-MW Folsom project in California.

Lookout Point Dam

The Corps of Engineers’ Portland District awarded a $19.1 million firm fixed-price contract to Voith Siemens, of York, Pa., to provide turbine runners for Lookout Point Dam, on the Middle Fork of the Willamette River in Lowell, Ore. The work must be completed by Sept. 1, 2012.

Voith Siemens said it would provide replacement equipment and refurbish two of the facility’s three units, with an option to include the third unit. The supplier will replace the runners in the two units and rehabilitate the rest of the turbine equipment. Runner blades will be manufactured at Voith Siemens facilities in Sao Paulo, Brazil. All other manufacturing and testing is to be performed at the company’s York facilities.

The Corps said it received six offers for Lookout Point work in response to a solicitation calling for a contractor to design, manufacture, and test a scale model replacement runner and appurtenances for a Francis-type turbine. (HNN 10/31/07) Following model tests, the government is to provide formal written notice to the contractor to proceed with fabrication and delivery of the equipment.

Folsom Dam

The Bureau of Reclamation awarded a $7.1 million contract to Voith Siemens to supply replacement runners for all three turbines at Folsom Dam, on California’s American River.

Voith Siemens responded to a solicitation that called for a contractor to: fabricate and test one turbine model and provide a test report; furnish and deliver three stainless steel vertical Francis-type runners, nose cones, and coupling bolts; and furnish and deliver shear pins. (HNN 6/6/08) Government employees are to install the equipment. The first runner could be delivered in 2010.

All equipment manufacturing and model testing will be performed in York, the company said.

BuRec, the Corps, California Department of Water Resources, and Sacramento Flood Control Agency already are doing other work at Folsom Dam, to address hydrologic risk and to double flood protection for Sacramento. (HNN 9/30/08)

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