Wave developer operates first CETO II unit in Australia

Wave energy developer Renewable Energy Holdings plc (REH) has achieved initial operation of its first CETO II wave energy prototype at the CETO test site off Fremantle, Western Australia State.

The United Kingdom-based REH said the unit was deployed January 31 and has performed as expected since that date. Manufacture and pre-deployment testing took place in nearby Perth in the final months of 2007. The unit was attached to pre-deployed moorings on the seabed where it now delivers seawater under pressure to an onshore facility at Fremantle.

Chief Executive Mike Proffitt said REH plans to have CETO “commercial-ready” in 2009. Subsequent CETO II units are to be deployed at the test site in coming months ahead of full-scale CETO III unit testing.

“This significant technical milestone proves the CETO II design in real ocean conditions and clears the way for further deployment of units off Fremantle for performance monitoring and design development in varying sea states,” Proffitt said.

CETO features a wave power converter that sits on the seabed. It transmits high-pressure seawater ashore through a small pipe. The water is used either to power a turbine-generator or for reverse osmosis to produce fresh water. (HNN 11/6/07)

In 2007, REH approved agreements dividing exclusive global development territories between Carnegie Corp. Ltd. of Australia, in the Southern Hemisphere, and EDF Energies Nouvelles SA of France, in the Northern Hemisphere. (HNN 8/10/07)


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