Wavegen activates 100-kW prototype at Scotland wave project

Project developer Wavegen has begun operation of a new Wavegen 100-kW turbine-generator at its 500-kW Limpet wave energy project on Islay Island in Scotland.

Jim Mather, Scotland’s minister for Enterprise, Energy, and Tourism, officially started the new unit July 30. Operating since 2000, Limpet (Land Installed Marine Powered Energy Transformer) uses oscillating water column (OWC) technology and is the only grid-connected OWC plant operating under commercial conditions.

Wavegen owner Voith Siemens Hydro Power Generation said the 100-kW turbine is the prototype for the proposed 4-MW Siadar Wave Energy Project to be built on Lewis Island in the Hebrides Islands of Scotland. (HNN 6/13/08) The unit was developed with support from Scotland’s Wave and Tidal Energy Support program.

“This advanced renewables project is more evidence that wave energy will bring real results and benefits for businesses in Scotland as we move toward cleaner energy sources,” Mather said.

The Siadar project, being developed by Wavegen with npower renewables, is to be installed in a new breakwater, which would house the Wavegen turbines and provide a shelter and harbor facility for small craft. Once approval comes from the Scotland government, work could begin on that project in 2009.

Siadar would be the first project to operate under the Scottish government’s Marine Supply Obligation, established to promote the development of marine energy projects.


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