Website provides access to generator expertise, including hydro

The International Generator Technical Community is an online forum of engineers worldwide discussing the operation and maintenance of generators.

The site, founded and launched by National Electric Coil in March 2010, is available at

With nearly 800 members in more than 54 countries, this forum provides in-depth knowledge and discussions regarding generators for thermal and hydro units. Members include engineers and professionals responsible for power plant generators, independent consultants and technical resource providers.

Each specific forum on the site is monitored and maintained by volunteer experts, called moderators. Topics covered in the forums include rotor electrical testing, inner hydrogen-cooled windings, generator visual inspections, hydro generators, inner water-cooled windings, rotor windings, vibration monitoring, stator end winding vibration and resonance, rotor mechanical components, exciters, large air-cooled generators, stator electrical testing, and stator core, clamping systems and frame.

Recent topics of discussion include stator winding ac/dc hipot, leakage, absorption tests; running electrical tests such as flux probe, impedance and Meggar; and stator dusting, greasing, wedging and bracing.

In order to preserve the technical integrity of the site, membership is limited to personnel with day-to-day responsibility for stationary generators. Site rules require members to avoid commercially-motivated interactions and stick with technical issues, allowing an atmosphere of genuine problem-solving.

The community offers a resource center for members that contains pdf documents, web links to documents, and other media recommended by community members.

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