Workshop to examine waterpower research needs

EPRI, the Electric Power Research Institute, and the Department of Energy are planning a workshop Oct. 29-30 to set priorities for research and development in the water power industry.

The workshop, R&D Needs for Water Power Development, is to be held at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Building in Washington under the leadership of EPRI and the Wind and Hydropower Technologies Program of DOE’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.

Technologies to be identified and prioritized include ocean wave energy; hydrokinetic such as tidal, ocean, and river currents; conventional hydropower; and pumped storage.

The workshop is to prioritize research, development, demonstration, and deployment needs that would increase domestic, low-carbon energy production. Priorities identified are to be used to inform future research agendas.

The workshop is to include a plenary session of broad perspectives on research issues involving environmental, manufacturing, investment, and regulatory aspects. Breakout sessions will explore area-specific needs for research, development, demonstration, and deployment. The forum is to conclude with an EPRI-facilitated session to prioritize R&D needs.

The workshop is open to industry participants, with a limited number of seats available. Information on registration is to be available on EPRI’s Internet site,, by September 20.

For information contact, Kathy Trudell, EPRI Environment Market Sector Leader, Wisconsin office; (1) 608-221-4975; E-mail:

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