Xcel Energy returns 14-MW Shoshone to service

Xcel Energy announced it completed a $12 million repair job at its 14-MW Shoshone hydroelectric plant in Colorado and returned the plant to service.

Xcel said May 1 it spent, as originally projected, about $12 million to restore Shoshone to service within 10 months of a penstock failure that closed the plant. (HNN 8/30/07)

Xcel shut down the 98-year-old plant in June 2007, when one of its two penstocks ruptured, possibly due to corrosion, flooding the powerhouse and switching yard with water and debris.

Crews rebuilt both of the project’s penstocks with steel pipe inserts. Generators for the project’s two turbines were rewound. The company also replaced all breakers, control cabinets, wiring, and related components. Controls either were updated or replaced, with the control system redesigned to enhance remote control.

Shoshone is one of seven hydro plants owned and operated by Xcel in Colorado. Located east of Glenwood Springs, it generates electricity from water diverted from the Colorado River. The plant began operating in 1909, prior to the Federal Power Act, and is not licensed by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

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