Yorkshire targets 50 sites for hydropower

Fifty small hydroelectric units may be built in the Yorkshire region of England.

The Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority identified 50 potential sites after commissioning a feasibility study that showed “there are many worthwhile opportunities for hydropower” in the region.

The YDNPA plans to take its proposal to residents and landowners over the next few months to discuss the potential impacts of building small hydropower units at abandoned water mills.

“The Dales has a long history of harnessing water power for its traditional industries, and many of its villages had their own electricity schemes in the early 1900s,” said Moya Turrell, YDNPA’s sustainable development officer. “We have already helped to get hydropower schemes off the ground at Gayle Mill and Yore Mill, and have supported the design of schemes at Linton Falls and Farfield Mill.”

The feasibility study was performed by Inter Hydro Technology. It can be reviewed at: http://www.yorkshiredales.org.uk/hydro-project-report-july09.pdf.

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