Research and Development

The Bureau of Reclamation is launching a new prize competition seeking ideas that will lead to sediment removal solutions for water infrastructure. The “Guardians of the Reservoir” challenge seeks ideas to remove or transport sediment building up in reservoirs and replace available space for water storage. There will be up to a total of $550,000...
Energy Incentives

While most of the world struggles with stabilizing renewables on the grid, a small island in Alaska has it all figured out. Kodiak Island, a place where you’ll find a self-sufficient community encircled by expanse wilderness, is known for its wild bears, its fish processing industry, and — of most interest to those in the energy storage sector —f or its nearly 100 percent clean energy microgrid. Wind, water and energy storage are the elements that have almost completely sunk fossil fuels, enabling the island’s affordable energy rates and miniscule carbon footprint: two achievements many grid operators strive to attain for their own networks.