Upgrading Two Pumped Storage Plants to Variable Speed

Two French pumped storage hydropower plants of a similar vintage and sharing some design features - but with specific hydraulic design requirements - are being upgraded, one to variable speed. Work so far suggests that such a conversion is an effective approach.

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News related to the worldwide marine hydrokinetics industry from November-December 2014

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The latest news on global small hydroelectric facilities from November-December 2014

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News on the global hydroelectric industry from November-December 2014

Swiss utility seeks turbine-generators for Serrieres hydro project

Swiss utility Viteos SA seeks bids to supply turbine-generators for the Serrieres hydroelectric project on the Serrieres River at Neuchatel.

Commissioning a Himalayan Medium-Head Hydropower Project: The Chamera lll Experience

Chamera III is a recently commissioned hydroelectric plant located in Himachal Pradesh, India. It was quite challenging to conceptualize, design, manufacture, install and commission within schedule.

Reaching for Turkey’s Hydropower Summit

Turkey continues to present opportunities for hydropower development

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Alstom unveils updated Oceade tidal turbine

Improvements make Alstom's new Oceade tidal stream turbine more efficient, cost-effective and easier to maintan that its previous models, the French manufacturer said.