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From the Board Room: Wolfgang Semper, Hydro Equipment Association

By David Appleyard In this interview, Wolfgang Semper discusses the current status of hydropower in terms of technology, as well as innovative approaches to improve hydropower development worldwide.

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Court approves work to resume at Brazil's Teles Pires Just a week after work to build the 1.8 GW Teles Pires project on the Teles Pires River in Brazil was halted, Brazil's Supremo Tribunal Federal...

Nalcor Energy awards contract for construction of Muskrat Falls hydropower project civil works

Italian contractor Astaldi has been a contract worth about US$962 million for the construction of major civil works for Canada's 824-MW Muskrat Falls hydroelectric project.

BC Hydro seeks crane upgrades for 1,000-MW expansion of Mica hydro project

Canadian utility BC Hydro seeks bids for maintenance and upgrades to two overhead gantry cranes needed for a 1,000-MW expansion of the 1,085-MW Mica hydroelectric project on the Columbia River in British Columbia.
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Andritz to supply electrical components for 636-MW Upper Kelekoy hydropower project

Andritz Hydro has been awarded a contract to supply, install and commission three 235 MW ampere generators for the 636-MW Upper Kelekoy hydropower project.
Alstom Tidal Turbine

Alstom, ScottishRenewable Power sign MOU for tidal energy project

Alstom will provide tidal power devices for an installation in the Sound of Islay, per a memorandum of understanding signed with ScottishPower Renewables this past week.
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Construction of Ontarios 10-MW Okikendawt small hydropower project under way

Construction of Hydromega Services' 10-MW Okikendawt hydropower project has begun, according to a release from the Canadian energy producer.

Rehabs Squeeze More Power from Existing Plants

The rehabilitation work under way at three existing hydroelectric plants in the U.S. provides a good example of what work is being performed and the benefits that can be expected from this type of activity.

First phase of Rio Macho hydropower project modernization complete

Modernizations at Costa Rica's Rio Macho hydroelectric project will be complete by the end of 2015, electric utility Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE) said after recently inaugurating the first two of five generating units.

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World Bank renews support for large hydro Speaking in a high-level panel discussion at the International Hydropower Association World Congress in May, Jean-Michel Devernay, chief technical specialist on hydropower for the World Bank, indicated the...