CEZ plans modernization of hydroelectric power stations in Czech Republic

CEZ, a semi-state power group, plans a large modernization of all its hydroelectric power stations in the Czech Republic.

CEZ plans to increase the capacity of its hydro plants by 60,000 MWh in the next 12 years, wire services reported. The company operates more than three dozen hydro plants, according to its Web site.

The modernization plan is related to the Czech Republic’s commitments toward the EU to extend power production from renewable sources.

In other news, developer MVE Velky Osek s.r.o. is again working to build a powerhouse for the 750 kW Velky Osek project in the Czech Republic.

MVE Velky Osek called for bids earlier this year and in 2009 and 2008 for construction of a powerhouse and switchyard at the Velky Osek weir and lock. The structure eventually will house three 250 kW Kaplan turbine-generators.

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