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Big Efforts for Small Hydro at Choloma Project

An innovative, collaborative effort combines six rivers, six intakes, one steel tank and a powerhouse to create the 9.7 MW Choloma hydroelectric project in Guatemala.

HydroVision Preview: Sneak Peek at the Show Floor

Many exhibitors are already signed up to showcase their products and services in the exhibit hall at HydroVision International 2013 in Denver, Colo. This article provides advance information about some of these companies and what they have to offer.

Project Spotlight: Developing 7.5-MW Youngs Creek in Washington State

Successful completion of the 7.5-MW Youngs Creek project in Washington State shows it is possible to develop new small hydro facilities that are both cost-effective and meet high environmental standards. The project has been operating since October 2011.

Jordanelle: Developing New Hydro At an Existing Dam

The story of development of the 12-MW Jordanelle hydro plant provides a good example of a non-federal organization developing new, low-impact hydro at an existing federal dam.