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Hydropower: It’s Not Just a Man’s World

Ten influential women were given our inaugural Women with Hydro Vision awards in Nashville, Tenn., last July. Read on to learn the tools to their success and find out how to nominate women for the 2015 awards.

Porse takes new position with Mavel Americas

N. Christian Porse is now project manager with Mavel Americas Inc.
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Inaugural class of Women with Hydro Vision Award recipients announced

The PennWell Hydro Group is pleased to announce the inaugural class of recipients of the Women with Hydro Vision award.

Honoring the women of hydro

For that reason, I am very proud to announce the PennWell Hydro Group’s newest program: the “Women with Hydro Vision” awards. 

Perspectives: Hydro Leads the Way

Consider these facts*:— One-fifth of all electricity produced worldwide comes from renewable sources.— Of that 20%, hydropower is … far and away … the leading contributor (80% of the 20% comes from hydro).— In North America, more than 500 MW of new hydropower was added to the grid in 2010.— During 2010, the first commercial-scale, grid-connected wave generator marked its 10th year of operation, having fed electricity into the grid for about 60,000 hours and achieving an average annual availability of 95%.

Hydropower turbine manufacturer Mavel announces addition to sales team

Mavel Americas Inc., a unit of Czech Republic-based hydro turbine manufacturer Mavel, has announced that Bruce Sellars has joined the firm as a regional sales representative.

HRW Briefings

COMPANY NEWS  Genesis Energy to acquire Meridian plants New Zealand's Meridian Energy has moved a step closer in the process of selling two of its South Island hydroelectric stations. Meridian is selling the Tekapo A and...

Small Hydro: Small Hydro is Getting BIG

Are regulatory changes enabling developers of small hydro to license projects faster and more efficiently than before?

Regulating small hydropower

Developers of small hydropower projects are seeking big changes in the way their projects are permitted and licensed by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

Policies and Regulations: Regulating Small Hydro

New incentives have led to a number of proposals to build small hydropower projects in the U.S. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is considering reforms aimed at streamlining the licensing process for the developers of those projects.