National Hydropower Association endorses Recovery Act Advanced Energy Manufacturing Tax Credits Program

National Hydropower Association Executive Director Linda Church Ciocci said the NHA is pleased by the recent White House announcement awarding $2.3 billion for new clean-tech manufacturing programs.

“The National Hydropower Association applauds the White House for awarding $2.3 billion to clean-tech manufacturers, including NHA members Alstom, Andritz Hydro and Voith Hydro. By supporting the work of these hydropower industry companies, along with other clean-energy manufacturers, the Recovery Act is creating jobs and stimulating economic growth while also building our base of sustainable, climate-friendly energy resources.

“NHA is pleased to see that this program recognizes the contributions from hydro and hydrokinetic technologies alongside other renewable resources. As the country’s leading renewable energy industry, we’re committed to working with our partners in the public sector to ensure that American consumers will continue to enjoy hydropower’s benefits for generations to come.

“In fact, as a recent NHA study demonstrated, through sound national energy policy, the U.S. hydropower industry can double its capacity in the next 20 years and add 700,000 new, family-supporting jobs to the economy. Energy manufacturing tax credits and other programs that recognize hydropower’s contribution can make this happen.

“NHA congratulates Alstom, Andritz and Voith on their selection for this first round of energy manufacturing tax credits. We also congratulate the White House on its vision in turning to the U.S. hydropower industry as a partner in meeting the country’s energy, economic and environmental goals. We urge policymakers to continue building on this excellent resource for growth and energy by expanding funding for the program and stimulating even more clean energy manufacturing jobs.”

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