U.S. awards gate chamber rehab contract at 6,809-MW Grand Coulee hydro project

The Bureau of Reclamation awarded Washington-based Knight Construction & Supply Inc. a US$1.5 million contract for modifications to a wheel-mounted gate servicing chamber in the Third Powerplant at the 6,809-MW Grand Coulee hydroelectric project.

BuRec seeks to remove and dispose of existing electrical components, ventilation fans, electric control panels and eight doors and frames in the gate servicing chamber and the gate hoist servicing chamber. It also seeks relocation of a trailer-mounted dust collector and a stoplog lifting storage stand. It also calls for furnishing and installing eight fire doors and frames, three three-ton jib cranes, ductwork support system, service water piping, pressurized air piping, ventilation and filtration system ductwork, dust-tight explosion-proof light fixtures, emergency lights and junction boxes.

Recently, BuRec awarded American Governor Company a contract to upgrade the six existing analog cabinet actuator governors in the Grand Coulee hydroelectric project’s Third Powerplant.

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