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The top hydroelectric power news for November 2014

Adding Power to a Non-Powered Dam: Mahoning Creek

More than 70 years in the making but less than a year in the execution, the 6-MW Mahoning Creek Hydroelectric Project, developed at an existing dam, is now providing clean, reliable power to residents in western Pennsylvania.

Voith hydro turbine photo wins press competition

The above photograph of a Francis hydro turbine runner being manufactured by Voith was declared the winner of the PR Bild Award for Germany. 

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Reaching for Turkey’s Hydropower Summit

Turkey continues to present opportunities for hydropower development

Voith to equip hydro projects 695-MW Keeyask in Canada, 46.6-MW Rajamandala in Indonesia

Units of Voith Hydro have received contracts to equip the 695-MW Keeyask hydroelectric project in Canada and the 46.6-MW Rajamandala hydro project in Indonesia.

Hydro Currents

The top hydroelectric power news for September 2014

Voith to upgrade generator at 440-MW Waldeck 2 Pumped-Storage in Germany

German utility E.ON Kraftwerke GmbH has awarded a contract to Voith to modernize a generator at its 440-MW Waldeck 2 Pumped-Storage project in central Germany.

U.S. awards turbine runner, gate replacement contracts at 80-MW Denison Dam

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has awarded contracts for turbine runner replacement and flood gate replacement at the 80-MW Denison Dam hydroelectric project in Texas.