Argentina reissues, splits solicitation for Los Molinos Dam, canal

The government of Argentina has reissued solicitations to rehabilitate Los Molinos diversion dam and Rio Grande canal, splitting the original tender into two and increasing the expected cost by nearly US$110 million. Bids now are due September 26.

The government previously called for bids March 14 and February 16.

The project coordination unit, Unidad Ejecutora del Programa (UEP) of Argentina’s planning ministry, Unidad de Coordinacion de Programas y Proyectos con Financiamiento Externo, seeks firms to rehabilitate and improve the dam and canal system in San Salvador de Jujuy as part of its Program 1843 of water infrastructure of Norte Grande.

The original solicitation was valued at US$76.2 million for work on both the dam and canal. The latest issuance divides the dam, valued at US$105.79 million, from the canal, valued at US$80.3 million, an increase totaling nearly US$110 million.

The dam work, to take 24 months, includes civil, hydro-mechanical, and electrical work to restore operational capacity and ensure stability of the structure. The project is to provide greater security to the downstream population and encourage improved multi-purpose use of the resource.

The Rio Grande Intervalle Canal project envisages an 11-kilometer concrete-lined canal with a capacity of 10 cubic meters per second. The work is to require 14 months.

Tender documents for each solicitation may be viewed on the UEP Internet site below and obtained from the address below of the Ministerio de Infrastructura y Planification de la Provincia de Jujuy for 10,000 pesos (US$2,495) each. Clarifications may be requested until September 12 from the Unidad Ejecutora del Programa address below.

Bids now are due by 10 a.m. September 26. For information, contact:
o Ministerio de Infrastructura y Planification de la Provincia de Jujuy, Santibanez No. 1650, San Salvador de Jujuy, Provincia de Jujuy, Argentina;
o Unidad Ejecutora del Programa (UEP), Unidad de Coordinacion de Programas y Proyectos con Financiamiento Externo (U.C.P.yP.F.E.), Ministerio de Planificacion Federal, Inversion Publica y Servicios, Av. Pte. Roque Saenz Pena 938 6to Piso, C1035AAQ, Buenos Aires, Argentina; (54) 11-43282357; Fax: (54) 11-43288298; E-mail:; Internet:

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