Hunter Water using Rezatec’s AI monitoring technology at Grahamstown Dam

Rezatec, in association with Detection Services, will provide geospatial analytics to monitor structural and environmental change at Hunter Water’s Grahamstown Dam until 2023.

After a successful initial deployment, which proved correlation of Rezatec’s analytical insights with previous events and subsequent works, Hunter Water has moved forward with a three-year subscription to monitor the dam in the Lower Hunter Region of New South Wales, Australia. Grahamstown Dam was completed in 1965 and provides 40% of the region’s water. The dam is an earthfill embankment structure with a controlled labyrinth spillway and baffle chute. It is 39 feet tall and 3 miles long.

“From our first encounter with Rezatec, they have been great to work with,” said Hunter Water’s dams safety engineer, Daniel Turnbull. “We are very confident in the capability of Rezatec’s technology and this subscription will help enhance our monitoring of Grahamstown Dam.”

Using sophisticated analysis of satellite-derived imagery and geospatial data, Rezatec’s technology allows for a risk-based approach to monitor dams and reservoirs, with sub-centimeter precision. This technology allows dam owners and engineers to look retrospectively at changes and trends over time.

As a state-owned corporation, Hunter Water provides drinking water, wastewater, recycled water and some stormwater services to almost 600,000 people in homes and businesses across the Lower Hunter. Hunter Water was the first SOC to be proclaimed within New South Wales pursuant to the State Owned Corporations Act 1989.

Rezatec provides geospatial AI solutions that remotely monitor dams, waste and clean water pipelines, and water catchments.


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