IBWC awards emergency contract to Corps for work at Amistad Dam

DEL RIO, Texas 3/6/12 (PennWell) — The U.S. Section of the International Boundary and Water Commission has awarded a $227,430 contract to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for emergency repairs at Amistad Dam.

IBWC announced its intent to seek bids for the work at the 132-MW Amistad Dam in July 2011, although an “unusual and compelling urgency” led the commission to forego its usual solicitation process.

According to the contract, the Corps will be responsible for repairing the facility’s Penstock No. 4, which is damaged and jammed. The contract says an “uncontrollable flow of approximately 60 cubic meters per second of water is escaping.”

Inspectors questioned the safety of Amistad Dam, which impounds water for a 132-MW hydroelectric project, in 2007 after inspections and analysis indicated the naturally occurring sinkholes that have existed since the dam was completed in 1969 could affect stability.

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