Report: China’s Three Gorges Dam to finish by May

The main portion of China’s Three Gorges Dam, the world’s largest hydroelectricity project, is expected to be complete by May, nine months ahead of schedule, China Daily reported February 6.

The project, launched in 1993, will have 26 generators with a combined generating capacity of 18,200 MW. The developer, China Three Gorges Project Corp., originally planned to put the 26 generators into operation by 2009. Now it has plans to boost capacity to 22,400 MW by adding another six, underground, generators.

The project already has generated more than 80 billion kilowatt-hours since its first generator started production in 2003. The project will have cost a total US$21.7 billion by the time it is completed, using 16 million cubic meters of concrete, the report said.


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