Romania seeks dam safety work for Maneciu Dam

The government of Romania seeks bids for dam safety work at Maneciu Dam. Bids are due November 29.

The Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development seeks dam safety work for Maneciu Dam, in Prahova County, under a hazard risk mitigation and emergency preparedness program funded by the World Bank. Bidders must be qualified in steel and concrete lining of tunnels, canal restoration, embankment work, energy dissipater restoration, concrete work, waterproof grouting, and monitoring system rehabilitation and upgrades.

Bidding documents in English may be obtained from the address below for 680 lei, US$260, or US$200 euros by bank transfer to the ministry’s Project Management Unit accounts at Banca Romana de Dezvoltare � Groupe Societe Generale Unirea Branch. Pay leis to account No. RO 27BRDE441SV81256004410, dollars to account No. RO 02BRDE441SV81256504410, and euros to account No. RO 29BRDE441SV81256934410.

Bids are due by 1 p.m. November 29. Electronic bidding is not permitted. For information, contact PMU Director Maria Beatrice Popescu, Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, Project Management Unit � HRMEP, Ilfov Water Management System Building (Sistemul de Gospodarire a Apelor Ilfov � Bucuresti), 294 Splaiul Independentei, 5th Floor, Sector 6, Bucharest, Romania; (40) 21-3194351; Fax: (40) 21-3194353; E-mail:

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