Electric Light & Power Executive Digest

Known as the voice of the electric utility industry since 1922, Electric Light & Power is the authoritative source of electric industry business news for electric utility executives and management. The Electric Light & Power Executive Digest is a semi-monthly eNewsletter that provides insight into industry news, financial, legal and regulatory issues 24 times a year in an easy-to-read, mobile-friendly, digital format. It reviews generation trends, the latest energy delivery technologies, information technology and operation technology, customer information systems, decentralized energy, energy efficiency, the latest financial and regulatory trends and much more. This single source provides a broad view of the electric utility industry, with in-depth analysis of key business issues and interviews with industry leaders.

Managers and executives working in power generation, power delivery, energy finance, electricity regulation, e-mobility, smart cities and more, will learn and benefit from the custom editorial content contained in the Electric Light & Power Executive Digest.

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