U.S. awards excitation contract for 1,312-MW Glen Canyon

The Bureau of Reclamation has awarded a $4.6 million contract for replacement of excitation systems in each of the eight generators at its 1,312-MW Glen Canyon Dam power plant, on the Colorado River near Page, Ariz.

The contractor, Turbine Control Services Association Inc. of Pittsburgh, Pa., also will remove DC exciters, train personnel on the new excitation system, and perform testing. Turbine Control won the contract in bidding for a government solicitation. (HNN 6/28/06)

BuRec’s Upper Colorado Regional Office in Salt Lake City, Utah, made the award Sept. 7 and announced it a week later.

The agency said new excitation systems would: improve generator control; assist with power stability on the Western states transmission system; help reduce maintenance costs; and improve service to power customers.

Excitation systems control the output voltage of the generators. BuRec said the systems also are key elements in allowing the generators to support the electro-magnetic fields necessary for a stable transmission system. When generators are started, the excitation system brings the voltage up on the generator until it matches the transmission system voltage. The generator then can be safely connected to the system for power production.

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