Hydro History

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This page of Hydro Industry FAQs offers a wealth of information about the industry to the online hydropower community, including definitions, resources, professional and business development and more.

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What were some of early achievements in hydropower? Were there big players early on?

Hydro Review magazine has put together a number of articles discussing some of the great history of the hydropower industry. See the links below for more information.

Is there a list of historic hydropower plants and what made them unique somewhere?

The Hydro Hall of Fame, published on the Hydro Review website, recognizes extraordinary hydro achievement throughout the world, with a special emphasis on long-lasting facilities. Together, this prestigious group demonstrates the long-lasting and significant contributions of hydroelectric plants, including clean renewable power, emission-free generation and reliability. The Hall of Fame has widened its doors to include plants beyond the borders of North America.To see past inductees, as well as articles and videos discussing their unique histories, visit the Hydro Hall of Fame page