52.4-MW Likhu IV hydroelectric project commissioned in Nepal

Likhu IV hydro

The 52.4-MW Likhu IV hydroelectric project has been commissioned in Nepal, according to Green Ventures Ltd.

The run-of-river project was commissioned and connected to the grid on Oct. 23, 2021. Construction on the facility started in October 2018.

The Likhu IV Hydroelectric Project is located on the boundary of Okhaldhunga and Ramechhap districts. Most of the project structures are on the left bank of the Likhu River.

The headworks consists of 36-m-wide ungated weir with two under-sluice bays to discharge flows during monsoon period/floods. The full supply level is fixed at El.1023.00 m.a.s.l and two intake openings are provided at the head regulator to draw the required design discharge. Two surface desanders remove the particle size lesser than 0.2 mm.

The plant uses a design discharge of 26.70 m3/s and gross head of 221.27 m. The 4024.50-m-long tunnel conveys the design discharge from the end of a power duct to the pressure shaft. The surge shaft is located at end of the headrace tunnel. The tunnel is D-shaped, having a diameter of 3.8 m, with concrete lining for the initial length of 3924.50 m and the remaining 100-m-long portion is steel-lined with a 3.40-m-diameter circular section with concrete backfill around the steel lining.

The powerhouse is founded mainly on overburden material. Water passing through the turbines is discharged back into the Likhu River through a 70-m-long tailrace channel. The total gross annual energy generation estimated at the normal load condition is 314.78 GWh.

The power generated from the plant will be evacuated through an about 19-km-long 220-kV single circuit transmission line at New Khimti Substation, Kirnetar Ramechhap.

  • Companies involved in the project include:
  • Consultants: Indo Canadian Consultancy Services (ICCS), Fichtner Germany (Review Engg), Energy Infratech (Transmission Review), Jade Infra
  • Civil Construction: SSNR Projects , South Asian Infrastructure (SAI)
  • Electromechanical: VOITH
  • Transmission Line: ASTER
  • GIS: Parth Electricals
  • Penstock/steel lining in surge shaft: Steel Works & Power Engineers
  • Gates: Bekem Infra Projects, Mainawati Steel
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