Argentine province seeks to refurbish four small hydro plants

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The province of Neuquén in Argentina is seeking financing to refurbish four small power plants that have fallen into disuse, a statement said.

The province’s investment agency ADI-NQN and provincial energy company Epen are working on the project.

Officials identified plants in San Martín de los Andes, Aluminé, Manzano Amargo and Huinganco. The San Martín de los Andes plant has installed capacity of 500 kW. ADI-NQN chief José Brillo said the agency was seeking financing from various sources. “Bringing the old plant in San Martín de los Andes back online will require from us around US$1 million to 2 million,” he said.

The capacities of the other hydro plants and the cost required to refurbish them was not disclosed.

In parallel, hydrocarbons-rich Neuquén has asked the federal government to incorporate into its 2022 budget bill a sovereign guarantee of US$200 million to ease access to financing for renewable energy projects in the province.

ADI-NQN, the statement said, has six shovel-ready wind power projects, in Picún Leufú (100 MW), Cerro Senillosa (100 MW), Loma Jarillosa (100 MW), Zapala (50 MW) and Añelo (two of 100 MW each). The province also has hydroelectric and geothermal projects on the drawing board, among the former category Chihuido I and Los Guiones.

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