BC Hydro to invest $3.4 billion to upgrade hydro, infrastructure

BC Hydro reports it plans to spend C$3.4 billion (US$3.44 billion) over two years to renew and upgrade its hydroelectric projects and electricity infrastructure.

The province-owned utility included the capital program in a rate application for fiscal years 2009 and 2010, filed with the British Columbia Utilities Commission in February. The application seeks a general rate increase of 6.56 percent in the first year and an additional 8.21 percent in the second year. It requires BCUC approval and will be subject to a public hearing during summer 2008.

BC Hydro said it is proceeding over the next two years with significant capital work to refurbish and improve hydroelectric infrastructure at facilities including:
o 700-MW Peace Canyon, where a C$141 million (US$142.8 million) generator stator replacement, generator rotor modification, and turbine overhaul program is to be completed in fiscal year 2010 (HNN 7/4/07);
o 2,730-MW Gordon M. Shrum generating station at W.A.C. Bennett Dam, where three or four stators are to be replaced in fiscal year 2010 at a cost of C$75 million to C$91 million (US$76 million to US$92.2 million) (HNN 12/10/07);
o 1,668-MW Mica, where a C$97 million (US$98.3 million) stator replacement program involving all four units is to be completed in fiscal year 2010 (HNN 7/4/07);
o 24-MW Aberfeldie, where a new powerhouse is to be completed in FY 2009 to replace a 5-MW powerhouse, at a cost of C$95 million (US$96.2 million) (HNN 3/9/07);
o Coquitlam Dam, a C$66 million (US$66.8 million) seismic improvement project involving completion of a new dam in FY 2009, downstream of the existing dam, to meet seismic standards and to reduce risks; and
o 1,980-MW Revelstoke, where a 500-MW unit is being added at a cost of C$280 million to C$350 million (US$284 million to US$355 million), scheduled for completion in 2011 or 2012. (HNN 11/16/07)

Dollar amounts provided for the projects are for all work contemplated, including that already in progress, not just on fiscal years 2009 and 2010.

Major transmission and distribution projects to deliver hydropower to customers include a C$600 million (US$608 million) Interior to Lower Mainland Transmission Project, a C$287 million ($290.6 million) Vancouver Island Transmission Reinforcement Project, and the addition and redevelopment of substations.

In explaining the need for the capital program, BC Hydro President Bob Elton said the province has relied for many years on power generated from hydropower assets built in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1980s. Facilities are aging as the population and economy are growing, and many components and systems are nearing the end of life, he added.

�In order to ensure these facilities continue to provide a stable supply of electricity for British Columbians for generations to come, we need to reinvest in them to extend their life, adding capacity where possible,� Elton said.

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