Bolivia issues consultancy call for 380-MW Canahuecal hydroelectric

Bolivia hydro development

Bolivia’s state power company Ende has launched bidding to advance the 380-MW Cañahuecal hydroelectric project.

According to BNamericas, the contract entails conducting aquatic environmental studies along the Grande River to help determine the proposed plant’s initial ecological flow ahead of the pre-investment technical design study.

Offers for the work, which is scheduled to run through year-end, are due June 28, according to procurement information.

Ende has budgeted BOB2 million (US$300,000) this year for Cañahuecal, which would span the departments of Chuquisaca and Cochabamba.

According to preliminary information, the plant would boast a 216-m-high dam wall and a reservoir with capacity of 9,725 hm3. 

The government’s roadmap for the basin envisions a cascade system of seven hydro plants: 400-MW Seripona, Canahuecal, 150-MW Las Juntas, 150-MW Ocampo, 380-MW Pena Blanca, 460-MW La Pesca and 600-MW Rositas. Rositas is the furthest advanced among the seven in terms of early stage work.

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