Brazil regulator approves small hydro activity

Brazil’s electricity regulator, Agencia Nacional de Energia Eletrica (ANEEL), has declared three companies, Sao Pedro Energia S/A, Caparao Energia S/A, and HP2 do Brasil S/A, to be public utilities for the purpose of land acquisition for three hydro projects.

Sao Pedro is developing the 27-MW Sao Pedro project, to go on line in December 2007 in Espirito Santo. Caparao is developing 4.5-MW Fumaca 4, to go on line in December 2006 in Espirito Santo and Minas Gerais. HP2 is developing 20-MW Pipoca, to go on line in January 2008 in Minas Gerais.

ANEEL also authorized Pampeana Energetica Ltda. and Antonio Fornasa Administradora de Bens Ltda. to act as independent power producers in the development of two small hydro projects in Mato Grosso and Santa Catarina states.

Pampeana Energetica is building the 30-MW Pampeana project, to go on line in September 2008 in Mato Grosso. Antonio Fornasa is building the 1.3-MW Rio Palmeiras 2, to begin operation by the end of March in Santa Catarina.

The regulator authorized Serra Energetica S/A to acquire the 19.8-MW Palanquinho hydroelectric project from Hidrotermica S/A. Palanquinho is to be built on Lajeado Grande River in Rio Grande do Sul State. It is expected to begin operation in August 2007.

ANEEL also authorized Comercial Boyes Ltda. to develop the 1.12-MW Boyes project on the Piracicaba River in Sao Paulo State.

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