Dominican Republic state hydro operator building new solar, wind and hydro

Dominican Republic state hydroelectric company EGEHID announced it will add non-conventional renewable energies as part of the government’s push to diversify the energy matrix.

Local press reported the operator’s 2021 to 2024 project pipeline features 3-MW Brazo Derecho Solar, 10-MW Sabana Yegua Solar Flotante, 3-MW Domingo Rodríguez Solar, 10-MW Hatillo Solar Flotante, 3-MW Sabaneta Solar, 3-MW Sabana Yegua Solar, 50-MW Parque Eólico Tierra Nueva and 10-MW Brazo Derecho Eólico, as announced by EGEHID general administrator Rafael Salazar.

Additionally, the company’s development pipeline includes two hydroelectric projects: 191-MW Las Placetas with an anticipated cost of US$750 million) and 52.2-MW Artibonito with an anticipated cost of US$160 million. Salazar also added that a 10.8-MW expansion of the 8-MW Hatillo hydro also will begin operations in 2021.

EGEHID’s current installed capacity reaches 613 MW.

For his part, Martín Robles Morillo, head of state power transmission company ETED, said that ETED’s expansion plan considers the potential dispatch of surplus electricity to neighboring Haiti as announced by President Luis Abinader.

“The projects in our expansion plan 2021-2035 will allow this renewable energy to be dispatched with efficiency, quality and safety, thus exceeding the generation levels proposed by the president,” Morillo said in a statement.

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