Georgia seeks builders for 78 small hydro projects

Georgia’s Ministry of Energy seeks expressions of interest from investors to build 78 small and medium-sized hydropower projects, totaling 1,031.04 MW, on a build-own-operate basis.

In an ongoing solicitation with no firm bidding deadline, the Energy Ministry seeks operators to design, build, finance, operate, maintain, and own the proposed hydro projects.

Only one project actually carried a deadline for expressions of interest; responses were due July 26 for the 28-MW Mtkvari project on the Mtkvari River in Samckhe-Javakheti Region.

The ministry listed on its Internet site the inventory of 78 proposed small projects available for investment. Ten were offered in a previous solicitation in 2006. (HNN 3/16/06) The 78 projects, listed by region and river system, include:

Achara Region
o Akavreta River: 11.5-MW Merisi;
o Chaqvis Tskali River: 13-MW Khala;
o Skhalta River: 5.3-MW Skhalta;

Guria Region
o Bakhvis Tskali River: 22-MW Bakhvi 1; 24-MW Bakhvi 2; 6-MW Bakhvi 3;
o Gubazeuli River: 5.06-MW Gubazeuli 2; 11.6-MW Gubazeuli 5; 5-MW Gubazeuli 6;
o Kvirilis Tskali River: 11.6-MW Kvirila 3;

Imereti Region
o Bjholis Khevi River: 4.6-MW Marelisi;
o Dumala River: 6.4-MW Boriti;
o Dzirula River: 11.3-MW Khunevi;
o Khani/Tsablaristskali River: 8.3-MW Khan-Tsablari 3;
o Khanistskali River: 6.4-MW Khani 7;
o Kvirila River: 9.14-MW Chala; 9.2-MW Jria;
o Kvirla River: 10-MW Zestafoni 1; 11.9-MW Zestafoni 2; 15.9-MW Zestafoni 3; 15.9-MW Zestafoni 4;
o Shavi Tskali River: 5.3-MW Sakhvlari; 6-MW Tazara;
o Tsablaristskali River: 5.8-MW Tsablari 1 (Sairme); 10.2-MW Tsablari 2;

Kakheti Region
o Avanis Khevi River: 4.6-MW Avani;
o Duruji River: 1.74-MW Duruji;
o Samkhuris Tskali River: 12.4-MW Samkhuri 1; 22.2-MW Samkhuri 2;
o Stori River: 4.8-MW Chelti 1, 4.8-MW Chelti 2; 10-MW Stori 1; 10-MW Stori 2;

Mtskheta-Mtianeti Region
o Iori River: 9.7-MW Iori;
o Mtkvari River: 10-MW Dzegvi;
o Qsani River: 4.2-MW Qsani 1; 2.1-MW Qsani 2; 3.2-MW Qsani 3; 3.6-MW Qsani 4; 6-MW Qsani 5;
o Tergi River: 50-MW Dariali; 11.4-MW Tergi;

Racha Region
o Cheshura River: 8.5-MW Cheshura 1, 2;
o Jejora River: 15.8-MW Jejora; 10-MW Samitso;

Racha-Lechkhumi Region
o Janauli River: 13-MW Janauli;
o Rioni River: 69-MW Alpana;

Samckhe-Javakheti Region
o Mtkvari River: 28-MW Mtkvari;
o Paravani River: 12.5-MW Abuli; 18.2-MW Arakli; 9.4-MW Ninotsminda; 500-kW Poka;
o Uroveli River: 5-MW Uraveli;

Samegrelo Region
o Chanis Tskali River: 4.4-MW Medani;
o Khobis Tskali River: 27-MW Khobi 1; 31-MW Khobi 2; 9-MW Khobi 3;
o Lembarde River: 4.56-MW Lembarde 1; 4.16-MW Lembarde 2;
o Magana River: 20-MW Leqarde; 21.3-MW Magana;
o Tekhuri River: 24.4-MW Erjia; 18.8-MW Lechakha; 6.7-MW Lesulkhe; 18.5-MW Nobulevi; 19.2-MW Tekhuri 1-6; 29-MW Tskhimra;

Svaneti Region
o Kheledula River: 8.5-MW Kheledula 1; 8-MW Kheledula 2; 12-MW Kheledula 3;
o Khumpreri River: 16.37-MW Khumpreri;
o Nakra River: 19.6-MW Nakra 1; 29.2-MW Nakra;
o Nenskra River: 22.38-MW Nenskra 1; 14-MW Nenskra 2; 10.8-MW Nenskra 3; 25.43-MW Nenskra 4; 14.7-MW Nenskra 5.

Developers are invited to submit expressions of interest to develop up to seven projects from the list. A developer can apply for additional plants only after it has fulfilled its obligation to build and operate the initial projects.

Should two or more investors express interest in the same site, priority is to be given to the investor providing a higher percentage of financial guarantee and a commitment to faster time for construction and operation of the plant.

A short list of qualified candidates is to be forwarded to the government for determination of the best applications. Bidders offering similar applications might be invited to improve their proposals.

The list of projects, a memorandum of understanding document, and other information are available on the Energy Ministry Internet site,

Expressions of interest are to be submitted to Ministry of Energy of Georgia, 10 Lermontovi St., Tbilisi, Georgia; E-mail:

For information, contact:
o Nana Gurgenidze, Ministry of Energy, 10 Lermontovi St., 2nd Floor, Tbilisi, Georgia; (995) 32-989426; E-mail:; Internet:;
o Nika Chantladze, Ministry of Economic Development, 12 Chanturia St., 7th Floor, Tbilisi, Georgia; (995) 32-920099; E-mail:

Ministry lists four large projects for development

The Energy Ministry also lists on its Internet site four large projects it is promoting: 640-MW Khudoni on the Enguri River, and three plants in the Namakhvani Cascade of the Rioni River, 250-MW Namakhvani, 100-MW Zhoneti, and 100-MW Tvishi.

The ministry currently is taking comments on studies of Khudoni, which it has listed as 700 MW. (HNN 7/9/08) In 2006, the energy minister estimated the Namakhvani Cascade projects would require an investment of US$485 million.

The ministry signed a memorandum in February for construction of seven small projects totaling 119.9 MW by Adjara Energy. The seven plants, on the Kintrishi and Chorokhi rivers in the Adjara Region, are expected to generate a total of 735.9 gigawatt-hours annually.

Energy Minister Alexander Khetaguri said construction of the projects, between mid-2009 and 2015, would create 2,000 jobs, plus another 200 jobs to operate the plants. He said the projects would contribute to improvement of social and economic conditions of the Adjara highland and would improve export potential and economic prosperity of the country.

The energy ministry said in April the former Soviet republic seeks private investors to build about 300 hydroelectric projects totaling 22,000 MW to make Georgia a major electricity exporter. (HNN 4/3/08) The United Nations Development Program has pledged to help expand a clean energy pilot program throughout Georgia bringing small hydropower and other energy projects to isolated areas. (HNN 4/21/08)

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