Georgia’s small hydro expressions due April 1

Georgia’s Energy Ministry seeks expressions of interest by April 1 from investors to build 32 small and three medium-sized hydropower stations, totaling an estimated 961.5 MW, on a build-own-operate basis.

The Energy Ministry seeks operators to design, build, finance, operate, maintain, and own the proposed hydro projects, as well as small and medium-sized wind farms. It said the small hydro sites total 511.5 MW, while the medium-sized sites total 450 MW.

The ministry described on its Internet site an inventory of 48 proposed small projects available for investment, but did not specify which were included in the solicitation. The projects, listed by 20 river systems, in two cases include two development versions for the same river. They include:

o Adjaristskali River: 3.5-MW Khulo;
o Bakhvistskali River: 16-MW Bakhvi, 6.3-MW Mtisdziri, 9.7-MW Ukanava;
o Borjomula River: 5.8-MW Borjomula;
o Chelti River (Version 1): 4.67-MW Chelti 1, 4.63-MW Chelti 2;
o Chelti River (Version 2): 3.6-MW Shilda, 7-MW Chelti, 2.4-MW Chukhchukha;
o Chorokhi River: 14.4-MW Kirnati, 22.4-MW Khelvachauri;
o Gubazeuli River: 8.4-MW Kvabga, 7.6-MW Nabeglavi, 4.7-MW Gubazeuli, 6.2-MW Tsipnagvara;
o Khobistskali River: 7.5-MW Mukhuri;
o Khrami River (Version 1): 10.3-MW Pitareti 1, 10.3-MW Pitareti 2, 4.5-MW Tsknari 1, 4.5-MW Tsknari 2, 4.5-MW Tsknari 3, 29.3-MW Samshvilde 1, 4.5-MW Samshvilde 2, 9.8-MW Nakhiduri;
o Khrami River (Version 2): 19-MW Tsknari, 65-MW Samshvildo, 35-MW Arkhalo;
o Kintrishi River: 4.4-MW Qobalauri;
o Mashavera River: 1.7-MW Dmanisi;
o Mtkvari River: 7.6-MW Khidistavi;
o Nakra River: 29.2-MW Shdigiri;
o Nenskra River: 22.4-MW Nenskra 1, 14-MW Nenskra 2, 10.8-MW Nenskra 3, 25.4-MW Nenskra 4, 14.7-MW Nenskra 5;
o Paravani River: 8.5-MW Abuli;
o Patara Liakhvi River: 5-MW Zonkari;
o Rioni River: 18-MW Saglolo, 45.6-MW Oni, 7.4-MW Poti, 10-MW Orkhvi;
o Stori River: 8-MW Chelti 1, 2.7-MW Chelti 2;
o Tekhuri River: 19.2-MW Tekhuri;
o Tergi River: 30-MW Dariali;
o Tetri Aragvi River: 6-MW Mleta.

In a February presentation in Istanbul, Energy Minister Nick Gilauri said three hydropower projects in the Namakhvani cascade, totaling 450 MW, would require an investment of US$485 million. He also highlighted cascades of small projects on the Bakhvistskali, Chelti, Chorokhi, Gubazeuli, Khrami, Nenskra, and Rioni rivers. Georgia also seeks bids by June 16 for privatization of six other hydro projects totaling 361.4 MW and three regional electricity companies.

A detailed project brief on the 35 small and medium hydro sites may be obtained from the address below. Expressions of interest are due by 6 p.m. April 1. For information, contact Archil Mamatelashvili, Ministry of Energy, Republic of Georgia, 10 Lermontov St., Tbilisi 0105 Georgia; (995) 32-997847; E-mail:; Internet:

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