L&S to upgrade controls at three U.S. hydro projects

The Bureau of Reclamation has awarded a $5.7 million contract to L&S Electric Inc. to modernize controls for hydroelectric units at the 2,078.8-MW Hoover, 255-MW Davis, and 120-MW Parker power plants, all on the Colorado River.

The contract, awarded Oct. 4, calls for L&S Electric of Schofield, Wis., to upgrade governors, protective relays, and unit control equipment on 26 large generators at the three powerhouses. (HNN 6/15/06) Mechanical and analog control equipment will be replaced with equipment featuring new digital technology. All of the equipment being modernized has been in service for more than 20 years.

BuRec’s Lower Colorado Region Office said it plans for design engineering and equipment to integrate the governor (speed/load) subsystem, excitation control subsystem, generator, step-up transformer relay protection subsystem, and unit control board replacement subsystem into a unified unit control system.

Work includes equipment for 32 units: the 26 large units; two small station service units; and four spare units. The contractor also will provide design engineering, including relay settings, for protection of 28 generators and 21 transformers. BuRec will install the equipment; L&S Electric will supervise testing of the unified unit control system and each subsystem.

Some of the work under the contract, including commissioning of new equipment on the first ten units at Hoover Dam, is scheduled for completion in February 2009. BuRec said installation and commissioning of equipment for the remaining 16 large units will be completed by February 2012.

Hoover is part of the Boulder Canyon project, in Arizona and Nevada. Davis and Parker power plants are part of the Parker-Davis project, in Arizona and California.

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