Marine technology firm Sea For Life introduces WEGA ocean energy device

Portugal-based marine research and development firm Sea for Life has introduced its WEGA (Wave Energy Gravitational Absorber) technology, which uses the movement of the waves to create power.

The WEGA device is an articulated suspended body, semi-submerged, attached to a mount structure, that oscillates in an elliptical orbit with the passage of the waves. The movement of the body drives a hydraulic cylinder which pushes high pressure fluid through an accumulator and a hydraulic motor, driving the generator that produces energy.

Since 2007, Sea For Life has been developing and building the WEGA device, which is capable of harnessing energy from waves by making the most of the laws of gravity, a press release states.

The next step is to put a WEGA prototype in the sea during the next year, according to a press release.

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