Mavel equips refurbishment of Finland’s 862-kW Finnholm

Czech equipment supplier Mavel a.s. received a contract from Vaasa Engineering Oy of Finland to supply a turbine for refurbishment of the 862-kW Finnholm hydroelectric project on Finland’s Ahtavanojoki River.

Mavel said January 5 it is to provide a double regulated Kaplan bulb turbine, steel intake, draft tube, and lubricating and cooling system. The Mavel KA1800K4 turbine has a runner diameter of 1,800 millimeters and four runner blades.

Finnholm, which is owned by Oy Herrfors Ab, has a net head of 5.35 meters and a flow of 18.5 cubic meters per second. Mavel expects to commission the unit in September 2009.

Under another contract with Vaasa Engineering, Mavel recently commissioned refurbishment units at the 450-kW Herrfors 1 and 410-kW Herrfors 2 hydro projects. Herrfors 1 involved replacement of an Escher Wyss turbine with a Mavel KA1560K3 turbine. Herrfors 2 involved renovation of a Tampella S-turbine.

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