Montenegro seeks bids to develop 43 small hydro sites

Montenegro’s Ministry for Economic Development seeks bids to develop 43 small hydropower sites on a design-build-operate-transfer basis. Bid documents must be obtained by January 22, with bids due February 1.

Proposed hydro sites of up to 10 MW each are on the following streams, with identification numbers and, where available, drainage basins:
o Basin � Piva Reservoir: 1. Vrbnica, 2. Osljak;
o Basin � Komarnica: 3. Bukovica, 4. Tusinja, 5. Bijela;
o Basin � Lim (Plav Region): 6. Babinopoljska, 7. Komaraca with tributaries, 8. Velicka River, 9. Murinska River with tributaries, 10. Duricka, 11. Grlja, 12. Lim (907 AMSL � 825 AMSL), 13. Krastica;
o No basin listed: 14. Vinicka, 15. Zlorecica with tributaries, 16. Kaluderska (technical solutions to be harmonized with the monastery), 17. Mountain Brook, 18. Trebacka, 19. Bistrica, 20. Dapsicka, 21. Sekularska, 22. Ljesnica, 23. Krivuljski Brook, 24. Lim (825 AMSL � 645 AMSL);
o Basin – Lim (municipality of Bijelo Polje): 25. Ljubovide/Bistrica, 26. Bistrica (right tributary of Lim), 27. Lim (Krusevo, Ribarevine);
o Basin � Moraca: 28. Pozanjska, 29. Vrela, 30. Ratnja, 31. Ibristica, 32. Sjevernica, 33. Moraca (upstream from the Ljevista hydro project site) above 1,040 AMSL;
o Basin � Ibar: 34. Ibar with its tributaries, in line with the project design for the Kacapore hydro project;
o Basin � Tara: 35. Stitaricka, 36. Crnja, 37. Bjelojevicka;
o Basin � Cehotina: 38. Cehotina with tributaries, up to the elevation point of 742 AMSL, 39. Otilovici reservoir;
o Basin � Zaslapnica: 40. Zaslapnica;
o Basin � Zeta: 41. Zeta with the pool elevation point up to the elevation point of dead pool of Glava Zete small hydro project;
o Basin � Gracanica: 42. Liverovici reservoir, in line with the Perucica hydro project optimization project, and Gracanica stream, upstream from the reservoir;
o Basin � Grahovsko Lake: 43. Grahovo reservoir, in line with the current situation regarding the right of use.

Bidders intending to submit bids for two or more streams may use one set of tender documents, but must prepare bids for each stream separately. Bids in foreign languages must include a Montenegrin translation.

A tender notice may be obtained from the republic of Montenegro Internet site: Bid documents may be obtained until 2 p.m. January 22 from the address below for 1,000 euros (US$1,455). Payments within Montenegro are to be made to Account No. 832-978-76, labeled �A Fee for Tender documents � Ministry for Economic Development.� Instructions for payments from abroad may be obtained by telephone at (382) 81-482303.

Bids are due by noon February 1 to the address below. Persons in charge of receiving bids are Milodarka Bulatovic and Ivana Leposavic.

For information, contact Blagota Novosel, (382) 81-482249; Miroslav Perovic, (382) 83-204209; Crna Gora, Vlada Crne Gore, Ministarstvo za Ekonomski Razvoj, Rimski trg 46, 81000 Podgorica, Montenegro; Tel/Fax: (381) 81-234131; E-mail: mhe.koncesije@mn.yu; Internet:

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