Ocean energy company Eco Wave Power completes first round of live testing

TEL AVIV, Israel 6/14/12 (PennWell) — Hydrokinetic energy company Eco Wave Power recently installed medium-scale versions of its “Wave Clapper” and “Power Wing” generating units in the Black Sea, HydroWorld.com has learned.

Each unit features a differently shaped floater head, which is attached via a hinge-like structure to the end of a static platform. The floating head causes the arm to rise and fall based on wave motion, thus creating the movement needed for power generation.

The tests, first examined by HydroWorld.com in March, were used to determine how the units would fare in real-world conditions.

“All floaters have proved their workability,” says Eco Wave Power founder David Leb. “According to the results of the tests, we have reached a decision to recommend enlarging the model to greater sizes.”

Leb says the next step is moving the medium-scale test plant to a different coastal structure to demonstrate its versatility, after which the company plans to build its first commercial-scale units.

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